ODENWALD go with a prince’s yacht

ODENWALD – The Yacht Surveyors are delighted to announce the cooperation with the owner of a 26m De Vries Lentsch new build and the German Shipyard Lubeck Yachts.

The yacht was initially commissioned by the Dutch prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who had built her as his summer residential cruising yacht. Owing to various circumstances the yacht hasn’t been finished by the prince.

It is designed as a Long Range Displacement yacht, distinctively sturdy and seaworthy. A steal hull and aluminium superstructure make her the ideal cruising yacht for long trips in the Northern hemisphere as well as in the Mediterranean Sea. Designed and engineered with superyacht standard, the yacht is customized and equipped with up to date technique equipment and can be sailed easily by a couple. The high volume of the yacht together with the layout design allow for spacious living areas that rather spreads an apartment style atmosphere where owners and guests have complete separated areas, so they can enjoy both their privacy and being together in an openly designed dining and living area.

Her classic lines make her stand out against common modern yachts of that size. Taking into account that the yacht is now in the outfitting stage it can be finished with a further personal touch. The building stage currently comprises the first installation of equipment and machinery, a primed exterior as well as the pre-installation of interior spaces. This gentleman’s cruiser is ready to be taken over by a new owner and at the right stage to be changed to the owner’s individual wishes concerning the choice of equipment, exterior colours as well as the layout and style of the yacht’s interior.

The yacht is an attractive project for an owner who I looking for an individual new build, but don’t has to start from the beginning so he can enjoy it earlier and longer.

ODENWALD – The Yacht Surveyors can guide interested clients through the assessment process and provide a detailed surveying according to the owner’s ideas. As a basis this information will be taken to the further development and restart of the project. We allow for a close relationship with the owner in order to a detailed structural plan developed for subcontractors, shipyard, timing and budgets. Depending on the client’s criterias the yacht can be ready for the summer season 2014.