Long-term consultancy finalized with five new build yacht projects

ODENWALD – yacht skills is pleased to announce that we successfully finalized a long-term consulting activity with a leading German supplier. Starting in 2012 with a 40 m traditional new built project in the UAE we introduced the company into the superyacht industry where they are meanwhile among the leading supplier companies. Being involved as consultants right from the initial step, it makes us happy and proud to have been going with our client such a long way in close collaboration.

Over the years we took on the project management for five new build yacht projects ranging from 24 m up to 92 m. We have always been sharing our long-standing expertise and experience as consultants and project managers with all our clients whether yacht owner, investor, shipyard or supplier and we are pleased to claim that with this client we finished all projects together to everyone's satisfaction. One of the latest projects has recently been launched and another one is in the final throws of being delivered.

One of the latest current bigger projects is a comprehensive refit of a 32 m sailing yacht in the Mediterranean where we had been asked by one of our clients to take over the project management.